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Custom artwork

I offer the service of custom artworks. You have the choice between three collections : Intuition (abstract and semi-abstract artworks, inspired by nature), Nostalgia (playful artworks on paper) or Homage (Hyperrealistic pet portrait on a wallpaper background). Fill in the information in the contact box below to describe me your project. I can't wait to work with you!


*An additional 30$ is added for custom artworks from the Nostalgia Collection.

Peinture lynx colorée semi-abstraite, artiste peintre québécoise, lynx painting qc artist

Intuition Collection

Oeuvre d'art sur papier ludique et mignonne, illustration, artiste peintre québécoise, cute paper artwork

Nostalgia Collection

Peinture portrait animalier chien, peinture chien, artiste peintre animalier québécoise, custom pet portrait, dog painting, quebec artist painter

Homage Collection


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Montérégie, Quebec, Canada

THANKS! I'll come back to you very soon!

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