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Artist biography

Carine Geoffrion is a self-taught painter artist living on the South Shore of Montreal. She has worked professionally in the field since 2017. She made herself known with her artworks of hyperrealistic animals on contemporary backgrounds.

In recent years, she has participated in numerous group exhibitions in different regions of Quebec. She stands out for her originality and receives two prizes, including that of the Committee (2022), at the Symposium Couleurs Urbaines in Granby, then that of the next generation for her artwork  « Paul et Léo », at the Salon des arts visuels of Brossard (2018).

At the end of 2023, a growing desire to assume herself as an artist lead her to exploit the naive and playful side of her creativity. Carine takes a turning point in her creative practice and lets us discover a more authentic side of her personality. With nature at the heart of her inspiration, the artist transports us into an abstract and semi-abstract universe filled with colors, textures and freedom.

Artist statement

Carine Geoffrion artiste peintre québécoise, quebec fine artist painter

« I use acrylic paint to create bright and colorful artworks, inspired by nature. Their playful and naive side gives them a unique and fun aspect. My little bits of happiness, as I call them. My art invites joy and tranquility. It reminds me of the importance of being authentic. Welcome to my world full of truth! »

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